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Todd Garcia, Human Dissection Master, CO, AZ

Special 5-day Human Cadavar Dissection Event, Tempe, AZ
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Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, Inc., is an established educational institution specializing in human anatomy. Classes and projects range from entry-level to doctoral thesis research. Two laboratories in America, one located in Tempe, Arizona, and the other in Westminster, Colorado, are fully operational 12 months of the year. A third location, in Vienna, Austria, is available for classes each year in February and August. Classes are formatted and scheduled to meet specific needs ranging from core-curriculum semesters to 3-hour general-anatomy lecture presentations utilizing professionally dissected cadavers. Private dissection and surgical procedure research is also available.

Human Anatomy Classes & continuing education credits


Short anatomy lessons by Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, Inc.

Brain Stem & Cranial Nerves Dissection Video

Brain Stem & Cranial Nerves

In this lesson we have the opportunity to see the beautiful organization and form of the brain stem and cranial nerves.

Scoliosis - Spinal Cord Dissection Video By Todd Garcia, Dissection Master

Scoliosis - Spinal Cord

Incredible lesson, view of human spinal cord with scoliosis

Carpal Tunnel Dissection Video

Carpal Tunnel

Todd Garcia makes understanding the carpal tunnel easy.


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Human Cadavar Dissection Table

Human Anatomy Dissection

Human Dissection Lab in Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

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Westminster, Colorado

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